Every two years, the European Youth Event brings together thousands of young people from all over the European Union and beyond to share and shape their ideas on the future of Europe. It is a unique opportunity for youth to meet and inspire each other and decision-makers right in the heart of European democracy.

The fourth edition will take place at the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg on 29-30 May 2020. 

Following the event, the ideas, concerns, and hopes from young people are presented in a report distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Some participants will also be able to further develop the most impactful ideas and present these directly to the Members of the European Parliament in the parliamentary committees during "Youth Hearings".

European Youth Seminars regularly bring young people from all over Europe to Brussels for a whole-day seminar in order to discuss the hottest political topics, meet and get inspired by each other, and to suggest their best ideas for the future.

Each time three groups from three different EU Member States are invited. Whether it is about climate, security or artificial intelligence, the seminars provide a platform for working together and for finding solutions to pressing issues in today’s world.