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European Youth Event (EYE2020): A unique opportunity for youth

Girl at the EYE


Every two years, the European Youth Event brings together thousands of young people from all over the European Union and beyond to share and shape their ideas on the future of Europe. It is a unique opportunity for youth to meet and inspire each other and decision makers right in the heart of European democracy.

The fourth edition will take place at the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg on 29-30 May 2020. 

Following the event, the ideas, concerns, and hopes from young people are presented in a report distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Some participants will also be able to further develop the most impactful ideas and present these directly to the Members of the European Parliament in the parliamentary committees during "Youth Hearings".

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Buse Çelebi
07 November 2019

Hi, I am interested and very motivated to join the groups if it is still possible. Looking forward for a return. Thanks

EYE team
09 September 2019

Yes! :)

EYE team
12 September 2019

Hi! Soon we will create a Facebook group for people interested in taking part in the EYE. There you will meet other people and you will be able to create a group with them :)

14 December 2019

Hei! I'm interested to join a group! When can I know you have created the Facebook group so I can join in?

EYE team
14 December 2019

Follow our social media! There will be an announcement next week :)

08 September 2019

Will groups from the UK still be able to apply?

06 September 2019

Hi! I have a question. I would like to partecipate but Im alone and not in a group of person. How can I do? Thank you!