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European Youth Seminar: Future of Europe – coping with the new world

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The world around us is rapidly changing, giving rise to new threats on humanity but also paving the way for new ways of life. How do we as citizens, nations and international communities best cope with these changes? This was the theme of the European Youth Seminar held on Tuesday, 15 October in Brussels.


The first European Youth Seminar after the European Elections 2019 took place in Brussels on 15 October. The European Parliament organises the European Youth Seminars (EYS) throughout the year to bring together students from all over Europe to share views and opinions on current important topics, and to give them an opportunity to speak up about the issues that matter to them. The latest edition of the European Youth Seminar saw students from Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria working together to identify challenges, find answers, and propose solutions.

One of the most highly debated topics at the event was climate emergency and action. Other debates included what could citizens do to make their voices heard in a more digitalised world and what skills and competences the future of education should offer its students.

Listen to what one of the participants, Neda Nedkova Nedeva from Bulgaria, had to say about how education can be strengthened:



The debate continues on the European Youth Ideas platform! 


For the first time at an EYS, we had the opportunity to invite participants to share their views, questions and contributions both before, during and after the seminar via The platform was introduced with great success at last year’s European Youth Event, a bi-annual event, bringing together some 8000 young people from all over Europe to share and shape ideas about the future of Europe. The platform provides an extra dimension to the debates, allowing the sharing of ideas and discussions beyond the days of the event itself. 

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Artémise Désveaux
19 November 2019

Because of Erasmus and many other trainerships abroad, many students couldn't vote for the election of the european parlament in 2019. Even if elections belong to the corp of State's souverainity, is it possibile to introduce a special election sysem for those students who are in Erasmus ?