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Welcome to the European Youth Ideas platform!

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Hi there, welcome to the European Youth Ideas platform.


We are the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament and we want to make it easier for you to participate actively in European democratic life. That’s why we built this website! First launched for European Youth Event 2018, this is an online platform where you can outline your own ideas on the issues that Europe is facing today and your ideas for the Europe of tomorrow.


You are invited to share ideas on specific topics and questions, related to Parliament’s initiatives for youth. For example, you have an idea on what the EU’s role should be regarding artificial intelligence? Write it down! Or might know how to tackle income inequality? Tell us about it!


Once your idea gets published on the website, other users can like it and comment on it, which might result in a lively exchange that will help you adapt, shape, and define your ideas further. We’ve also got you covered if you want to read up on a topic before you get going: most questions include links to background information provided by the European Parliamentary Research Service. And, if you think we’re missing a really important issue that you and all your friends are talking about, don’t hesitate to suggest a question!


But wait, what happens after you’ve shared your ideas? We won’t let them fade away into the background noise of the internet! Your ideas are used to enrich the programme of the biennial European Youth Event (EYE), and are also an inspiration and input for other youth initiatives of the European Parliament. Moreover, we will forward the most concrete ideas to the Members of the European Parliament and other policy-makers, inviting them to join the debate right here.


On this blog, we’ll share with you some nifty tips and tricks to get the best out of this website, inform you about upcoming events (including EYE), as well as publish articles that shed some light on the subject areas covered by the questions. Check back soon!

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