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Digital addiction: Are screens making us sick?

The spread of the internet and digital devices have fundamentally transformed our societies. On a personal level, many of these social transformations have been positive: we can contact almost anyone at any time of the day, we can easily share our holiday pictures, we can look up any question we don’t immediately know the answer to. But our phones can also cause loneliness, social isolation and damages our self-esteem.


How do we reframe our relationship with the tools we have to encourage more responsible use?

What role does the EU have this, and what role do tech companies have?



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Smarika Karki
30 December 2020

Concrete evidence based Awareness to children and youth about how excessive screen timing seriously impacts our psychological and emotional well-being. Should be a mandatory courses/lesson in school curriculum. More concrete and verified ways to create social media account as anyone can lie about their identity and age in social media platforms. Video game apps should create a system where children under 13 years old have a limited online game play time which is further reinforced by verification of age.
With hate speech, low self esteem, mis information circulating online , tennagers and adults must be aware about the environment that they will be exposed to and make sure they always recheck and verify info that they recieve online. To prevent anyone lying about their age and I dentity online,all account creators should go through extensive and in-depth identity,age verification test. Even though the process is lengthy and people may find it annoying , if it comes to protecting lives , to do this is not a big of a deal.