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Europe and the US: What is the role for young people?

After decades of a close and productive relationship between the EU and the EU things seem to be unravelling: threats of a trade war, diplomatic spats and the focus on what divides us, rather than on what unites us.


How can we learn strategies of youth mobilisation, political activism and increasing voter turnout from each other?

What did we learn from the European Elections in 2019 and how can we translate those lessons to the context of the upcoming 2020 US presidential elections?


Girl waving a US flag and man on bicycle
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Dimitar Bozov
08 August 2019

I studied in an American school and I had the opportunity to see the differences in mentality between the American and European youth. It is unfortunate to say that but young Americans are much more goal oriented and are much entrepreneurial than Europeans. Young Europeans do not have a tenancy to take risks, start business or make investments. I believe that this is due to the fact that the state plays a very big role in our lives here. Also most of the young Europeans i have met had little or no work experience up until their late 20s something that Americans have. Last but not least most of the Europeans tend to identify themselves with their nationality. Nothing wrong with this but there is a missing feeling of being an European, something that Americans do have.