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Fake news and disinformation: Who can we trust with our democracies?

It seems like it’s more and more difficult to access trustworthy news sources, while also being harder and harder to accurately fight algorithmic bias and discern what fake news is.

How can we ensure everyone is able to access fact-checked news? Should the responsibility to decide what news is fake, offensive or deserving of censorship be left in the hands of tech giants content moderators?

What would effective media literacy education look like, so people would know how to decode information correctly?

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Márcio Cunha
07 December 2019

I think it's time for EU to look at Facebook and its CEO as a threat to democracy.

More than a social media platform, Facebook has shown that it can easily help to disrupt democracy of modern societies thanks to an irresponsible management from Mark Zuckerberg who sometimes seems more like a hypocrite sociopath (sorry for the outburst).

I know Facebook is a good platform for companies but EU should think about of what's best for its unity and what's not.

This subject must be discussed on European Parliament and on European Commission.

There are a lot of external and internal interests in dissolving EU and you could see it from what happened with U.K. referendum and Cambridge Analytica with Facebook data.

It seems ironic writing this... on Facebook, but internet has this kind of things.

To resume:

Facebook is becoming more like a threat than a social media platform and EU must act now before it's too late.
Zuckerberg must change his mind or even being stepped out as CEO, otherwise Facebook should be banned from EU.