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Fake news and disinformation: Who can we trust with our democracies?

It seems like it’s more and more difficult to access trustworthy news sources, while also being harder and harder to accurately fight algorithmic bias and discern what fake news is.

How can we ensure everyone is able to access fact-checked news? Should the responsibility to decide what news is fake, offensive or deserving of censorship be left in the hands of tech giants content moderators?

What would effective media literacy education look like, so people would know how to decode information correctly?


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05 April 2020

It would be great to make it mandatory for TV channels, radio broadcasters, newspapers... to have a "Fake New" section of about 5 minutes in order to get the population informed of all the fake stuff out there. Plus, national, regional o european agencies specifically created to verify the news and spoting fake news would also be very benefitial to the general public