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LGBTI rights: We’re queer, we’re here and … is equality near?

More and more countries are legalising same-sex marriage and adoption, or reforming gender recognition laws, but significant legal differences still exist amongst EU member states. Moreover, maybe granting rights and protections isn’t really enough.


How can we ensure that LGBTI persons feel equal within the EU?

Should we continue to focus our efforts on legislation, such as filling the gaps in EU anti-discrimination law?

How do we make sure that awareness raising actions such as campaigns against hate-speech or employment discrimination, or supporting education initiatives in schools are effective?


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Milana Nikolova
06 December 2019

I am also from Bulgaria and I agree with this idea. If Bulgaria and other CEE countries want to be part of the EU and the international society in general, they should be able to uphold the values of such organisations. The fact that most people in these countries are against same-sex marriage should not be a reason to rob us LGBT+ people of our human rights. This is not democracy, this is the tyranny of the majority.

Georgi Georgiev
13 November 2019

My name is Georgi Georgiev, twenty years old, from Bulgaria. Bulgaria as well as other Eastern European countries has not yet legalised same-sex marriages. My idea is that the European Court of Justice should enforce all member states to legalise the same-sex marriages + adoption and all the privileges that the heterosexual couples have. And it should enforce it whether or not these countries agree, like what happened in the US in 2015.
Thank you!

06 December 2019

I'm against same-sex marriages, but it's good to legalise official homosexual partnerships. It's matter of worldview so this decision belongs only to the governments of individual member countries. You mustn't punish for another opinion. I'm definitely against the adoption of children by homosexuals and I think, the transsexuals are mentally ill. Agreement of countries declaring they agree to be by law not-confessional is terrible idea, because most of the society in a given country can be associated with a given religion. Moreover, changes in the social construction would be a disaster for society. If a pair of lovers want to develop their intimate relationships, no matter what orientation they are, they should not move it to public space, because it causes the sexualization of society which is already visible nowadays and this is not a positive effect for society.
That's my opinion and thanks for reading.

Tommaso Parlatore
10 November 2019

More equality!

Emily Gleave
27 February 2020

As a Young Gay Girl in Ireland I believe that Same-Sex relationships and Trans relationships be taught in schools as still in this day and age people in Ireland who were one of the first countries to legalise same-sex marriage are bigoted

27 February 2020

I think in the schools there should be programs that would talk about sexual freedom and orientation, so the kids can start thinking with their own criteria or discuss what they think. If the EU includes these contents in the schools, maybe next generations will grow up more free and respecting the rest. Also it will improve the tolerance in some countries that are less tolerant with the people of the LGTB community.

27 February 2020

The EU should stop with the promotion of the destruction of the traditional family unit. By definition you cannot make LGBT feel equal because they are going against the very institution of the family. The greatest perversion of the modern west is the promotion of the LGBT movement, which in less than a few years has completely suceeded in destroying the institution of marriage and now is seeking to corrupt young children aswell through adoption. A child who does not have a father and mother raising them is tragic, and whether this be through divorce or death of a parent we as a society should do everything in our power to try and fill the void left behind. But to allow homosexuals to adopt children and raise them in a confused household is child abuse. All the statistics show that homosexual raised children suffer from higher rates of depression, mental health issues, physical abuse and are more likely to identify as homosexual themselves. This is wrong in every way and shouldn't be allowed

The idea of Europe was to benefit and protect the European people. The sexualisation of children by teaching them about non hetro sexual relations and the destruction of the family institution is against the European interest and should be stopped

Astrid Galván Torralba
13 November 2019

I think it is important to continue with the initiatives such us educating people from your ages in sexual orientation. Also, LGTBI+ law enforcement is a must but I think should be done in a way that religious beliefs cannot place any effect to this type of laws. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the state members are not-confessional states. Moreover, it will be useful to make state members such as Poland to sing an agreement declaring they agree to be by law not-confesional. Moreover, by singing this agreements with time this countries would be more and more expose to multiple ways of love, hence this would make a change in the social construction of those cultures which will manifest in a more open minded people and a better quality of life and equality for those who are now oppressed by their own government and society.