Millennials and mental health: Are we burning out?


There is a public health crisis developing in Europe and we’re not really acknowledging it: our generation’s mental health is deteriorating and affecting our lives in more and more domains.


How can we make it easier for young people to seek help?

How can we make effective programmes that are both broad and targeted, given that there are significant differences in experience of mental health depending on gender, ethnic status and LGBTI identity?


Girl resting her head on boy's shoulder
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What do you think?

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Dimitar Bozov
  22 August 2019

I believe the problem with youth mental health is not one big problem but 2 smaller ones. Firstly accessing good mental health professionals is problematic because people either have to go through a lot of waiting if they are from a European country with public health care or have to pay relatively large sums if they are from a European country with more private health care. In both cases, we need to make mental health care more accessible and have better trained health care professionals but this is not the main issue. The main issue is that there is still a prevalent stigma around mental health in most of the countries in the eu. Mental health awareness is necessary and people need to be educated about different medication and alternative mental health treatments. How can this be achieved? I believe that any sort of govermental education camping might actually be more counter-productive. The best way of shaping public opinion is through the media. This means movies, videos songs, documentaries ect. about mental health. Only if the EU had more developed film industry.