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Perception of migration: How to balance society’s compassion and fear?

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We regularly see images of overcrowded boats sinking in the Mediterranean, improvised refugee camps and chaotic crowds of people around fences, border controls, or soup kitchens. The complicated and conflicting emotions these images provoke make us all react differently to the changing demographics of our countries and continent.


How can we be in line with EU law and its founding values of respect for human rights and solidarity, while not acting against the well-being of our own citizens?

How can politicians and journalists talk about migration in Europe based on facts and data? How can the EU avoid that citizens exercising their rights and acting in accordance with EU values are criminalised when assisting migrants?

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Jana Gentner
29 January 2020

Immigration and Migration is a very important Topic today. We know that People who try to escape from war or other Problems in their Country die evreyday and we still didn`t really change something. Nobody wnats to deal with that immigrants because they think immigrants are dangerous. But why sholud People which escape from their Country with fear should be dangerous? Additionally why should be that humans be dangerous? Because of belonging to another Nation? Or because of having another Skin colour? I can`t understand why humans are racist against humans. We are all the same we are one humanity on one earth. So why can`t we work together and help each other? It is because too many People are selfish and don`t think about other problems and think they are dangerous or annoying or steal something, even if al These People just wants to have a safe live, just like us. And I`m sure that all the People who don`t want to help now would be the firts migrants to escape from Germany if here would be a crisis. Furthermore they would be the first ones who expect the other humans help, even if they don`t give help. Start being one humanity and give what you also want to get from others to build one great Union.
So maybe also start discuss about why some European Countries open their borders for Immigrants and why other so not and want the Advantages from belong to the EU anyway even if they don`t help their Union with their Problems?