Safety first: Does this mean more or less weapons?


We can’t foresee the future, but things are changing fast. We feel increasingly insecure due to possible threats by state or non-state actors, wars, terrorism or personal attacks. For some, restoring security means the creation of a European Defence Union. For other, it signifies a need for stricter arms control or even the total elimination of weapons.


What should we use our defence budgets for?

How can the EU balance defending its freedom and way of life, while not proliferating violence?

Image courtesy of Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash


What do you think?

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Dimitar Bozov
  18 September 2019

A common European Army is the answer to the problem. If all the EU states pull the expenses that they are currently making in one common budget we would be able to have a more comprehensive defense program. Europe faces threats on two main fronts: the East and the South. What is more that will bring together all the EU states. Because let us face it we face common threats. A common army is going to help endorse common European identity. In addition, purchasing military technology can be done from European producers thus further enhancing the European industry.