Sustainable and reliable energy: How to achieve it?


Whether we like it or not, we need energy - and we need a lot of it. Not only do we need a lot of energy, but we also need a sustainable and reliable supply. We are setting goals to reduce our carbon footprints, are moving away from fossil fuels, and are expanding the use of alternative sources of renewable energy. Although sustainability is a top priority, so is the assurance that our energy supply is constant, secure and affordable.


How can we ensure all countries have access to affordable, consistent and green energy? Should we better support businesses that are developing and providing cleaner energy production and storage solutions?

Should we encourage education programmes to foster a general public understanding of the global energy challenges and to provide energy and engineering-related training to young entrepreneurs who wish to venture in this field?


Wind turbines
Image courtesy of Keith Arkins


What do you think?

Try to be as concrete as possible when answering, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!

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