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Understanding cultures: how should education contribute to connecting people?

To speak ones language once meant that you could understand the person better. However, lately we have seen a growth in populism with countries more prone to protect their national identities. Are languages the right way to open citizens’ minds to other cultures? What changes should be made to educational systems to make people feel more connected to other cultures?


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01 April 2020


Protecting the national identity of a certain country is not a bad thing. It would not be possible to know a culture if it did not preserve its customs or protect its identity.

Language as a means of communication can help us connect and communicate with people of that language in a more formal and easy way. Although it is true that a person can learn a certain language for various reasons, whether it is love for that culture, better job opportunities, because they have emigrated to that country, etc. And that if we all spoke the same language it would be easier to understand each other.

I love the last question. Educational centers should teach ethics, good customs at an early age, also learn a little about each country / continent, things like a little stories and myths, type of diet, beliefs, climate, customs and traditions about the people of that place would be ideal. It is in good customs and good manners that we continue to advance as a culture.