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Zero-waste life: what do we need to achieve it?

Zero-waste shops are just one of the measures towards a zero-waste life. Small as they may seem, we are all somehow able to make changes, such as doing without disposable straws, buying a reusable water bottle, using cotton shopping bags or buying second-hand clothes. Would the transition to zero-waste life be easier if businesses provided more opportunities for customers? How can we engage big corporations and businesses to contribute to zero-waste life?


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Ștefana Greavu
11 March 2020

I think, shopping zero-waste is a great idea, but I'm not aware of the existance of any shops of this kind in my cities (Sibiu and Bucharest, Romania).
Firstly, even if they exist, they are certainly not popular enough, because I would go out of my way to purchase from them. So, more advertisement would be necessary. Also, pointing out the importance of buying zero-waste through emotional videos might be helpful.
Secondly, even if I went out of my way to buy from a zero-waste shop, I am sure that most of the people wouldn't do this way. That's why, building such shops in more central locations or opening more stores in various locations around the city would be helpful.
I always have a tote bag on hand, so I never use plastic. Also, whenever it's possible, I weight by groceries without a bag in the supermarket. Still, this is not enough. I am scared by how much packiging I have to throw away everyday and, while in Sibiu, one can dispose of its waste through recycling, Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, does not offer a recycling program, so all the waste goes into the same place, even paper, plastic or glass.
In addition, some shops offer recycled products, such as napkins, notebooks or water bottles. I think, more stores should sell such items, as they are a step further in the right direction.
What is more, people will always prefer shopping from the supermarket. That's why, supermarkets should incorporate zero-waste sections or they should improve their policy into a more eco-friendly one.